Thermal Imaging

DeBra-Kuempel’s thermal imaging applies infrared technology to capture “heat pictures” that locate potential problem areas within your entire building envelope.

Help Minimize Downtime

Thermal Imaging_350x263.jpgOperating temperatures often rise sharply prior to a failure, so identifying “hot spots” early can provide highly-effective preventive maintenance assistance.

We can help you detect potential failures on a wide range of electrical distribution systems, electromechanical equipment, and process instrumentation.

Our comprehensive predictive maintenance and troubleshooting can help you improve dependability, decrease downtime, and extend the longevity of your mechanical and electrical systems.

Why Thermal Imaging?

  • Problem resolution: It equips you to compare images over a period of time, so you can detect and resolve problems before failures occur.
  • No disruption: Our imaging services are performed while your equipment is in operation, without downtime or disruptions.
  • Full access: It allows facility maintenance service technicians to evaluate normally inaccessible areas, substantially improving overall maintenance quality.
  • Quick completion: These services can be performed quickly, so operators can scan more equipment faster, increasing your facility maintenance program’s effectiveness.

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