Cincinnati, OH

Food Processing Company

Through client/contractor collaboration, we successfully revamped their piping systems and installed new critical equipment that reduces future maintenance and downtime.

Aeriel view of piping system project at food process company

Value Delivered

For a national poultry processing plant, we shut down production lines, and revamped and installed piping, boilers, compressors, and water heaters to assist with productivity improvement. Our solution helped reduce the time frame required for raw product to be finished and out the door to suppliers.


Having worked with this client continuously since 2004, we combined our mechanical expertise with deep knowledge of the site to:

  • Install more than 30,000 feet of piping
  • Shut down seven different production lines
  • Revamp all piping and equipment to help enhance production time
  • Run new ammonia, steam, air, and hot water
  • Install a new Fulton boiler, compressors, and hot water heaters

Client Background   

The facility is a poultry processing plant owned by a national food processor and distributor.