Our Safety Program

In addition to following EMCOR’s overall safety program, the DeBra-Kuempel team maintains focus on five critical safety alerts and conducts ongoing safety programs. We continuously motivate safe work habits to improve quality and productivity in our everyday operations.

Five Critical Safety Alerts

  1. Wear personal protective equipment (PPE): reminds us to use goggles, protective headgear, gloves, and other safety equipment properly.
  2. Lockout/tagout machinery and equipment: helps ensure all systems with potentially hazardous energy stored in them have been locked out and tagged prior to construction or maintenance activities.
  3. Ensure fall protection: encourages effective use of guard rails, scaffolds, ladders, and other devices.
  4. Assess and prepare for confined spaces: keeps us aware of atmospheric contaminants, explosive gases or vapors that may engulf and harm those working in spaces where entry and exit are restricted and/or prolonged occupancy is not intended.
  5. Take all electrical safety precautions: emphasizes the dangers presented by live power lines, frayed or damaged electrical wires, and other electrical hazards.

Ongoing Safety Programs

Our comprehensive, ongoing safety programs are managed by seven full-time DeBra-Kuempel safety personnel, and include:

Safety training courses—one-hour training classes held monthly

Tool box talks—implemented weekly with sign-off sheets

Jobsite hazard avoidances—available for every task we complete

Pre-task job assessment—completed prior to the start of each new job, providing an awareness of any jobsite hazard

Safety reports—completed by safety managers during jobsite visits, providing documentation of efforts to keep every employee safe and every jobsite secure