Cincinnati, OH

Chemical Company

As a single-source provider, we successfully completed 23,000 trade hours without a safety incident. Delivering both an on time and under budget project.

Crane moving large equipment at a 5 story building

Value Delivered

Through expert project management, Building Information Modeling (BIM), and laser technologies we repurposed a five-story structure by removing old tanks, heat exchangers, and piping. We then installed new tanks, heat exchangers, pumps, piping system, and instrumentation.


Our comprehensive retrofit solution included:

  • Removal of more than 20,000 feet of piping
  • Removal of old tanks and heat exchangers
  • Removal of a 250,000-pound heat exchanger
  • Installation of new tanks, heat exchangers, pumps, piping system, and instrumentation
  • Installation of a central ventilation and heating system

Client Background   

The building is operated by an affiliate of the second largest producer and marketer of chemicals and related products in North America.