Lawrenceburg, IN

Global Plastics Manufacturer

We provided pumps, piping, a control system, and a chiller on time and under budget, to help increase production.

Value Delivered

For this manufacturer, we determined load quantity and implemented mechanical equipment solutions for their injection blow molding process, including pumps, piping, a control system, and a chiller. The project was completed on time and under budget, and helped to increase production capacity.

Client Objectives

The client wanted to upgrade a variety of mechanical elements to help improve their injection blow molding production process.


Our engineering experts determined load quantity, and our team performed a comprehensive scope of services including:

  • Furnished and installed two 140-ton Quantech chillers
  • Furnished and installed a plate and frame heat exchanger
  • Furnished and installed two vertical inline pumps with variable frequency drives
  • Ran over 600 feet of 10-inch stainless steel pipe with drops that fed the new injection molding machines
  • Designed and installed a new ALC control system specific to the customer’s production line

Client Background  

This client is a leading manufacturer of moldings and tubes for the food, healthcare, and household markets.