Bowling Green, OH

Solar Power and Light

Our innovative solution provided a megawatt of solar energy that helped lower a school system’s energy costs.

Aerial view of the solar panels installed at the Solar Power and LIght company

Value Delivered

We designed and installed solar panels and electrical systems to provide a megawatt of solar energy for Otsega Schools in Bowling Green, Ohio.

Through a joint effort between DeBra-Kuempel, Inc. and Solar Power and Light, we were able to complete the project under budget.

As part of our testing, we discovered the solar panels we installed provided better production than expected, which contributed to lowering energy costs more than originally projected.

Our solutions helped to offset energy costs by 50 percent.

Client Objectives

The client wanted to reduce energy costs, and needed complete solar panel and electrical solutions.


In addition to providing project engineering expertise, our solutions included:

  • Installation of approximately 3,000 solar panels 
  • Design, installation, and testing of all electrical systems

Client Background   

Solar Power and Light is an energy company, headquartered in Ohio, that provides energy solutions and integrated management services.