Virtual Design Services

Virtual Design Services_350x263.jpgOur virtual design services can help improve time and cost efficiencies on your projects. Collaborating with all project team members, we build the integrated graphics and data system needed to assess your facility through 3-D visualization.

With the expertise to self-perform your virtual design services across all platforms, our in-house designers can accommodate projects of any size or complexity.

Construction Layout Services

We can perform your construction layouts quickly and precisely—from up to 1,000 feet away with accuracy to 1/16 of an inch—using CAD drawings generated during the Building Information Modeling (BIM) phase.

This helps to resolve collision and location issues before they become costly problems. It also eliminates the need to clear the floor to mark control locations or excavation lines. Upon project closeout, facility management can use all the equipment data within the BIM design.

Combining Laser Accuracy with BIM and CAD Technologies

Our specialized technicians use the laser accuracy of Trimble technology to shoot measurements for markings without moving a thing.

In addition to creating markings from CAD files, our virtual design team collects precise measurements and exports them as drawing files. Our services include:

  • As-built checks
  • Checking or typing into property boundaries
  • Layout of:
    • concrete forms and anchor
    • control lines
    • control lines on concrete paid for subcontractor
    • excavation lines
    • hangers, sleeves, and underground pipe
  • Light topographical measurements

Benefits of Virtual Design

  • Contributes to reducing project costs
  • Helps reduce conflicts in the field
  • Helps increase site safety
  • Optimizes prefabrication designs for manufacturability
  • Provides efficiencies when manufacturing large runs for just-in-time delivery

Contact us to learn how our virtual design services can help improve your next project.