Backflow Testing

Backflow Testing_350x263.jpgBackflow in your building’s water system can cause water supply hazards. Regular backflow testing is essential and can help with:

  • Disease prevention
  • Heavy metal contamination prevention
  • Chemical waste contamination prevention

Certified Staff with Regulatory Expertise

Regulations differ by state and county, but backflow testing is typically mandatory upon system installation and at least once every 12 months thereafter. We’re ready with:

  • Certified, licensed backflow testers who know the regulations and can complete and submit the required forms
  • More than 25 years backflow testing experience
  • Registration in more than 27 counties/municipalities
  • Experience testing more than 6,000 backflows per year
  • Repair/replacement for any make, model, size, or device

Maintain Optimal Performance

During backflow testing, our certified technicians will:

  • Check backflow prevention valves and operation
  • Assess valves for leakage, gauge movement, and other indicators of malfunction
  • Diagnose issues and recommend repairs